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Our Programs and Services:

The CTE is here to support faculty in the teaching and learning mission of GGC. We offer a broad range of programming and services to support this mission. Please let us know how we can assist you.

MyCourses – GGC offers MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L) as the supported learning management system.  Support for MyCourses is offered by Information Technology.  All support requests should be directed to the Help DeskMyCourses Central is an online resource that provides tutorials on using MyCourses.  Workshops and one-on-one consultations are also available.

Course Design – Solid course design can be one of the single greatest contributors to achieving the learning outcomes of a course. The CTE offers a broad variety of support for course design, including workshops, individual resources, and one-on-one consulting.

Educational Technology – At GGC we are all about technology, but not just technology for its own sake. We believe that technology should not hinder learning, but enhance the learning experience to prepare students for the 21st century. We offer multiple resources for learning educational technology, getting consulting to achieve a learning outcome utilizing educational technology, and troubleshooting problems.

Internationalized Learning – The current QEP for GGC is internationalizing the curriculum. We pride ourselves on the diversity that is present in the faculty and student body. The CTE offers several resources for faculty to integrate internationalization into their courses.

Learner Centered Teaching – The CTE has numerous resources for you to move your teaching style from instructor centered to learning centered, which utilizes multiple teaching methods that focus on what and how the student is learning. The pages below present an overview of learning centered teaching and provide resources for your teaching toolkit. We also have numerous showcase workshops and cohort programs that emphasize learning centered teaching.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) – The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a relatively new academic discipline that researches the effects of teaching methodology. The CTE offers numerous programs, institutes, and consulting services to help faculty do a SoTL project. We can help faculty get started by obtaining IRB approval, creating a research project, and giving tips for article writing and publication.

Student Engagement – One of the great challenges in contemporary higher education is creating an engaging classroom experience, where students are alert, interested, and contributing to learning. The CTE has resources that can help faculty increase student engagement in their classrooms and improve student self-motivation.

New Faculty

New Faculty Orientation – The New Faculty Orientation (NFO) to the GGC community is a very important initiative at our institution. The CTE supports new full-time and part-time faculty in all facets of teaching and learning during the NFO. We couple educational technology training (such as using our Brightspace LMS) with pedagogical services that make using the technologies available on campus effective for learning in the classroom.


New Faculty Academy – The mission of the New Faculty Academy (part of Faculty Foundations, our year-long onboarding process) is to improve the way new faculty are prepared for their teaching, research, and service responsibilities at GGC.

Goals of the New Faculty Academy program:

– Increase understanding, broaden perspectives, and develop the skills of new GGC faculty
– Increase understanding of the changing role of GGC faculty
– Increase understanding of the changes taking place in teaching and learning

Learning Tracks

Active Learning

Digital Learning

Experiential Learning

Hybrid Learning

Integrative Learning

Internationalized Learning

Student Motivation

Programs and Initiatives

Academic Commons – GGC’s Academic Commons is a virtual community of practice intended to support digital scholarship and digital citizenship at Georgia Gwinnett College. The Commons is an online environment (based on the WordPress platform) that allows GGC faculty, staff, and students to collaborate and share their research, scholarship, interests, teaching successes, and learning experiences with their peers and colleagues here at GGC and around the world. The Commons also provides a platform for displaying faculty badges earned through the CTE’s badging initiative, and for establishing a digital identity, allowing faculty, staff, and students to create, maintain, and control their own digital narrative.

SoTL Institute – SoTL (the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) is a way for us to take seriously our teaching and our students’ learning, and to undertake serious scholarly examination of these elements in service to GGC’s mission. SoTL practitioners pose questions about student learning and its relationship to the ways in which they are taught. They collect and analyze evidence of this learning to more fully understand what happens in the classroom and to more effectively facilitate learning. By asking and answering meaningful questions about teaching and learning in ways that align with their disciplinary research practices, SoTL practitioners bridge the gap between their research and teaching identities.

In the CTE’s full day SoTL Institute, participants learn about SoTL and then — step by step — begin to develop their own SoTL projects. The CTE also sponsors a SoTL Faculty Learning Community (FLC) to support the efforts of faculty undertaking SoTL research.